Activate the Goddess Within™

Become Who You Were Born to Be.

Tune Into Possibilities™ is the foundation stone in your journey to living a Goddess lifestyle.

Activate the Goddess Within is a 12 month membership which gives you access to a whole new way of living. One which sees you in control of creating a life you love with confidence and joy.

The challenge that most women experience is that we think we are focusing on what we want. 

However, the reality is that we are usually operating within the constraints of our ego and we believe what our mind tells us, and guess what, it isn’t telling us the truth.


Here's what's going on; we are constantly moving away from what we don’t want, such as when we think we want to lose weight which means our focus is in fact on 'not being bigger'.

Or “I want more money” which really means I don’t want to be poor, you guessed it the real focus there is on being poor.

This is because we are usually operating within the constraints of our ego and we believe what our mind tells us, and guess what it isn’t telling us the truth.

We have to discover what we truly desire, just because we would love to have it. Not because we are moving away from what we don’t want.

To do this we need to understand more about ourselves and our 'hidden rule book of life', the ones we live by but often we don’t realise they are limiting both us and our results.

Activate the Goddess Within is your chance to create the life you would love to have.

Included in your membership is a 12 part programme for you to follow which embeds the teachings.


Your Life, Your Rules

You can do one a week (which is what we would recommend so you have time in between for the integration of your learning).

Alternatively, you can go dive straight in and work your way through them in a sprint.

You will have access throughout your membership to them so you can go back and revisit them at any time.


We run weekly sessions to support you on your journey.


Mondays – Conversations with Goddess

This session sees Miranda and Judith having a conversation and exploring the questions that you have submitted beforehand.

There is no such thing as a silly question, and you can bet if you have the question others will too. It can be about anything to do with the programme or how you are experiencing things as you are putting the teachings into practice in your life.


Wednesdays – Alchemy

As you start to raise your awareness you can be sure that the ego will be clinging on to the old ways of thinking as it wants you to behave as you have always behaved in the past. Because back then it believes it kept you safe and that is its purpose. Well maybe it did keep you safe and operating within the rules that were created in your early life, but you are a grown up now.

This is when the s*** shows up.

Alchemy sessions are a proven system that will take what is showing up for you and transmute it into new neural pathways in the brain. This happens without needing to get into the cause or traumas that created them.

This is your chance to create from where you are now, to get different results to what you have experienced in the past.

You will also have access to the Tune Into Possibilities™ recordings to revisit at any time.

Your Self-Investment:

Live Activate The Goddess Within Training Starts 31st October 2022

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