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The Way of Goddess™

Supporting Women to Create a Life they Absolutely Love!

Miranda and Judith are two ordinary women who have been on and are still on an incredible journey of learning and discovering their own potential.

Between them they have decades of experience in transformation, teaching, coaching, marketing and branding.

They are both professional speakers and authors too. They have brought together their expertise to create a way to allow all women to discover how to create a life they love using proven systems based on sound scientific facts. There is no woo woo or voo doo for that matter in their approach.

Tune Into Possibilities

Most women live their lives unconsciously, they go through the day almost on automatic pilot but there is a way to start to become aware of why we make the decisions we make. To become conscious of the hidden rule book we run our life on.

You are not broken, you don’t need fixing it’s a myth created by the personal development industry. Let’s face it, it serves them well if you need to keep going back for more! When you live The Way of Goddess ™ you follow your own inner wisdom and take the action that means creating a life you love is the only outcome possible. Our intention is for you to become the leader in your own life.

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Activate the Goddess Within


Miranda and Judith believe that success is always an inside job but many women don’t have the key to understand how to action and harness their own potential so they can live their best life.

Activate the Goddess Within™ is a unique approach that teaches women to live in their full power and potential.

They share ground-breaking techniques and proven structures with women to allow them to not only recognise their own potential but to use their own innate wisdom and power in such a way that the only thing that can happen is that they create a life they love.